You've seen some of the crazy challenges that have gone on online over the past couple years.  But this one could change the way you cook from here on out.

If you have cooked or baked anything from the time you were 13 until now, there's a good chance that you've used a wooden spoon.  But the experts are saying you should put them in the trash and never use them again.

After seeing what comes out of them, you just might want to...

The whole challenge started after a chef from Masterchef posted 6 kitchen utensils that you should remove from your kitchen.  His name is Matt Preston and he claimed that you should try to boil your wooden spoon and see what the water looks like when you're done.  Then throw it out and get a $10 silicon spatula instead.


Wooden spoons are porous which means that bacteria and all kinds of things can be caught in those pores even with a thorough scrubbing.

Regardless of what this study says I can see both sides here.

If a utensil could collect bacteria and stuff like that, it HAS to be healthier to use something that doesn't capture stuff like that, right?

But grandma and my mom have cooked with wooden spoons for years and they're pretty darn good at making cookies.  They still tasted great, and they didn't kill me.  So what's the big deal?

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