Obviously there's no point in making or eating anything unless you can take a picture of it, right?  (I disagree with that too...) But making a video of it, alone in your kitchen on a sunny weekday afternoon?  Sure thing!

As I told you yesterday (and you've no doubt seen in your social media feeds), the "Cloud Egg" is all the Insta-rage, so I had to test it out myself to see what the big to-do was.  I also wanted to see how "easy" it was, in case YOU want to test-drive it for Mother's Day.

Here's my step-by-step tutorial (with a few extra's thrown in), with a guest appearance by DJ The Wonder Dog. :)

BTW, if you want to try out some "classic" foods, another YouTube chef recreated classic dishes from Seinfeld, like the Soup Nazi's wild mushroom soup, muffin tops, and the chocolate babka!  Check it out here!

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