If you watch NBC’s The Voice, then you already know the battles are just beginning.

Season 21 of The Voice started the week with their first battle round pairing of the season. The cast of judges were joined by their Battle Advisors, including Jason Aldean, Dierks Bentley. Camila Cabello and Kristin Chenoweth. 

I know you’re not supposed to pick favorites, and I’ll try not to; however, I will say that when you see someone as a contestant that you went to the same small-town college with, it’s hard to not root for them to win it all.

Girl Named Tom received the first four-chair turn of this season. They are a sibling-trio band, and no -- none of them are actually named Tom. Girl Named Tom is made up of Bekah Grace, Caleb, and Josh. 

Caleb and Josh both attended this college in Indiana called Goshen College, even though the three of them grew up about 45 minutes outside of Toledo, OH. The three of them didn’t start to buckle down on their music career until after Caleb and Josh finished college and Bekah finished high school.

Their journey as to how they decided to audition for The Voice has a lot to do with timing, but it has even more to do with believing in themselves and having the dream to succeed.

You can hear more about that journey, what it’s like behind the scenes of The Voice, and where in the world the name “Girl Named Tom” came from below.

Girl Named Tom faced fellow teammate Kinsey Rose in the first Battle Round of the season, and Blake Shelton was so impressed by the performance that he couldn’t choose between the two acts.

“They pay me to pick people, but I don’t care, I’ll take a pay cut. I’m not going to say who, it’s too good,” Shelton said. 

After much debating, Kelly Clarkson declared the winner of the battle to be Girl Named Tom.

However, history was made on The Voice last night after Kinsey Rose was saved from elimination. This marked the first time in The Voice history that a contestant had received three steals and a save. 

See that battle below.

The Voice returns with more battles on Tuesday, Oct. 12, and two WNY natives will be performing -- Lockport's Joshua Vacanti and Rochester's Jack Rogan. 

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