Buffalo the city of 'Good Neighbors,' might just include some ghosts. That's if you believe an online site "Haunted Rooms."   

Buffalo, NY is considered to be one of the most haunted towns in America. In fact, it has previously been referred to by some as the ‘Western door to the spirit world’...So, as you might expect, it is full of a wide range of haunted locations with spirits of all shapes and sizes causing a wide range of spooky fun!

Making the top of the list:

"Haunted Rooms" listed ten scary spaces to freak you out.  But only if you DARE!  Here are a few from the list of ten.

1) Buffalo State Asylum for the Insane, (above)

The hospital was built in 1870 and consisted of eleven buildings connected by tunnels...During this time period, some of the so-called treatments that were administered to the patients were nothing short of torture and it is likely to be this cruel treatment that has left a stain on the building that has resulted in a large volume of paranormal activity!

2) Buffalo Central Terminal

Buffalo Central Terminal ceased operation in 1979 and over the years it has gradually began to fall further and further into a state of disrepair and decay. It is now said to be one of the most haunted buildings in Buffalo NY.

.3) The Town Ballroom

Back in the day, the Town Ballroom served as a speakeasy during the prohibition era. It is believed that Al Capone was a frequent visitor to the establishment.  The basement area was known to be used for illegal meetings and gambling which explains why even to this day people have heard the sounds of parties drifting from those basement rooms.

So, what do you think of the list?  Any other places you might add for spooky fun?  Here is the full list, beware!


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