Not everyone was taught to drive by the same person, but we all have to share the roads. So what are the unwritten rules of driving here in Western New York?

Follow these 10 commandments of WNY driving and it should help us all get home quicker.

1.  Thou shalt pull over for emergency vehicles.   - This one should  be a no brainer.  And it's not even opinion.  This one is actually a rule.

2.  Thou shalt turn on thy headlights in rain AND snow so we can see thou.

3.  Thou shalt no wait until the last possible second to merge onto the 33 from an off ramp.

4.  Thou shalt not rubberneck during rush hour.

5.  If thou fears winter driving, thou shalt keep thou butt at home.

6.  Thou shalt not pull out in front of me if thou wants to drive slower than me.

7.  Thou shalt not pull up on thy shoulder to the right of me to take thy right hand turn while I'm trying to turn left.  Thou shalt wait thy turn.

8.  If thou plans to turn left, don't wait until you reach the intersection to turn on thy turning signal.

9.  Thou shalt only use thy hazard lights in an actual emergency or an actual snowstorm.

10.  Thou shalt stop to help people stuck in a snowstorm if there isn't anyone already helping.  If there is already sufficient help, thou shalt continue on their way.

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