Snow is the story for Western New York Thursday and Friday but Saturday night the skies should be clear and that's great news because you can catch a glimpse of the this month's supermoon, nicknamed the "snow moon."

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A supermoon is when the moon's orbit is near perigee, the point when its orbit is closest to Earth, which naturally makes it appear much larger in the sky.

According to WGRZ, the super snow moon is the first of four supermoon's in 2020, so you'll only have four chances to see them this year.

What makes this supermoon even more special though is that it won't be the only thing in the night sky that's worth catching a glimpse of. You could also see Venus and Mercury as well!

Venus will appear high in the western sky, barring of course cloud coverage. Mercury will be harder to locate at the lower western sky an hour after sunset. It's so close to the sun that it rarely becomes visible but this will be an exception.

According to the National Weather Service, skies will be party cloudy on Saturday night, so it's very possible you see the super snow moon this weekend!

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