The next full moon today, Tuesday February 19th should be the brightest one of the year according to NASA.  It is call the SUPER SNOW MOON.

The term “snow moon” is the historic name given to the second full moon of winter by certain Native American tribes in the U.S., according to NASA. It is called the snow moon due to typical snowfall during this time of year. - Heavy snowfall is also the reason for its alternative and more grim name, the “hunger moon.”

A Supermoon is described as a full moon when it is at its closest point to earth. For Moonrise and Moonset times for the Buffalo area click here.

 If you are hoping to capture a good “supermoon” photo, catching the moonrise is your best bet. Due to an optical illusion, the moon appears larger to us the closer it is to the horizon.

If you want to seem really smart here are a couple of other words used when talking about the moon:

  • Perigee - the point in its orbit when it is closest to Earth.
  • Apogee -  when the moon is farthest from Earth.

And thus ends the lesson. Thanks to Time Magazine for the info. 

One final thing, if your neighbor or best friend is not into astronomy and offers to show you the "moon", it is probably best to decline. 


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