It is hard to believe that 23 years ago there used to be two football teams here in Western New York, and one of them actually had one of the biggest entertainers as a spokesperson.

If you are thinking it was the Buffalo Bills, you would be wrong.

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Do you remember The Buffalo Destroyers? They were founded in 1999 and played in the Arena Football League until 2004 when they relocated to Columbus, Ohio.

Attended was pretty good, but the team didn't play well on the field and the team left after losing $5 million dollars in five years.

Even though the Bills left a lot to be desired on the field, they did have one of the biggest names in entertainment supporting them.

It seems that the whole football thing has come around for "The Rock". He is now the owner of the XFL. The XFL is expected to be back this year after shutting down in 2020.

The Rock paid $15 million dollars to WWE owner Vince McMahon in 2020 and has been looking forward to relaunching the league.

Unfortunately, there is no team in Buffalo for The Rock to shill for.

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