Is it the ultimate sign of trust? Or is going through your partner's phone a sign of distrust in your relationship?

A recent study says, let your partner peruse -- it might be good for you.

Researchers studied 106 people from three different countries, including the US. Participants were asked to write about the experiences they had when going through a significant other's phone, or having their phone gone through.

"Forty-six people described an experience that involved a romantic relationship. Of that group, 21 couples wound up calling it quits, while the other 25 survived," reports StudyFinds.

Out of the couples who stayed together, researchers think it's because they came out of that experience having their trust for one another tested, and the snooping created an occasion to discuss issues in their relationship that needed to be addressed, and weren't.

“In such cases, the victim explained away the snooping by considering it as a sign that they should reassure their romantic partner about their commitment to the relationship,” explains study author Ivan Beschastnikh, a professor of computer science at UBC, in a statement. “They ended up excusing the behavior and, in some cases, continued to give the other person access to their phone.”


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