I can't believe this town takes the cake for collecting the most fines in NYS. This is absolutely insane!



You get pulled over for lightly tapping on pedal or for speeding... It happens. It stinks. You probably shouldn't have been doing those things and following the rules of the road. We aren't perfect! We all mistakes! We HAVE to pay for those mistakes within reason.

Well the town of Amherst ranks #1 for the most fines collected from civilians in all of WNY! A whopping 3.4 Million dollars to be exact. This is nuts!

Town of Tonawanda is number 3 on the list

Town of Cheektowaga is number 7 on the list

West Seneca ranks number 11 on the list

You can check out the full list here:

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think its fair? I mean, you did break the law and have to pay BUT is this really fair? They are light years away from all of the other local towns by over 1 million dollars.




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