While Western New York is not bad at all for traffic, parking on the other hand can be a bit of a hassle. Let's be honest here, it's downright awful sometimes.

I already know what you're thinking: "it's all in the city."

Yes, city parking is generally worse, but there are other places that can be challenging to find parking.

I've lived all over Western New York. I grew up in North Amherst, then moved to Cheektowaga briefly, before living in Hamburg and now, South Buffalo. I also currently work in Downtown Buffalo -- so, I've experienced just about everything that Western New York parking has to offer (or lack thereof).

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Street parking is the worst. It's such a pain to find it, especially when there are no lots nearby. It's especially bad when you're on a schedule and can't find parking anywhere close to where you need to be. You add in the fact you may have to pay for parking and you find yourself extremely frustrated.

We asked listeners on Facebook where the hardest places to find parking in Western New York was and many of the same answers kept coming up.

Here are the 10 worst places to find parking in Western New York and Buffalo.

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