Back in 1976, five men were sentenced to prison for a crime they did not commit. The story of John H Walker Jr., Darryl Boyd, Darrin Gibson, Floyd Martin, and Tyrone Woodruff, is a story that still doesn't sit right with many supports of the "Buffalo Five", not only because they were wrongly convicted, but also because of the time they spent behind bars.

The five men collectively spent a total of 84-years in a New York state prison. Now the John H Walker Jr. and Darryl Boyd, who are the two of the remaining five people here in Buffalo, are headed back to New York State Supreme Court. The court date is set for March 22nd, the "Buffalo Five" filed a motion to vacate the Erie County indictment 41-413, which was the indictment filed back in 1976 when they were wrongly convicted of killing, Mr. William Crawford of Buffalo.

Mr. William Crawford was a 62-year old white man who was assaulted and beaten to death outside of his Filmore home, in the early morning of January 2nd, 1976. The two men have always proclaimed their innocence, now there is "New Evidence", photographs that show footprints of a lone assailant leaving the crime scene.

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John H Walker Jr. and Darry Boyd are looking to get Judge Christopher Burns to allow these new photos to be entered in as new evidence. Judge Burns will be giving his ruling before the new court date. I have personally witnessed the support for the "Buffalo Five" and I understand why they are fighting to have their names cleared, after being wrongly convicted of murder.

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