You probably either have gone and or are going to a Holiday party. Here are some tips to get through it.



The Don'ts

All you can drink sounds amazing but DO NOT GET DRUNK! That looks so bad and it will make a long lasting bad impression. You definitely DO NOT want to do this

Don't leave people standing on their own. If you get caught up in a convo with someone who is sort of boring, it is common courtesy to tell them, "I see so and so let's go say, "Hi!" This way, it is on them whether or not to stay (alone) or go.

Don't trap people in long conversations. No one wants to talk about work at these things and there is always someone who can't get their mind off of work. Wait until the next day at the very least

Don't leave too early. If it is scheduled 6-10 it's ok to leave around 9.

The Do's:

Do attend! It's rude not to go

Do mingle. You would be surprised at what you find out

If there was someone in the office who planned be sure to bring a small gift and thank them



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