Here at Mix 96, we are just like your office and have meetings all the time! After several meetings, we realized that there are 5 types of people who are at EVERY work meeting! So which one are you?

1. The Office Gossip - This person knows and tells all the secrets of all their co-workers. They aren't afraid to spill secrets before or after the meeting. Heck, they might even share some during the meeting!


2.The Office Comedian - This is the person who has a funny one-liner or quick joke during the presentation. They never miss an opportunity to show off their humor and prove they are the funniest person in the room even though most of the time they aren't even funny! (We have a lot of these types at the radio station - We are looking at you, Dave!)



3. The Office Reporter  - This is the person who asks questions after every single topic! They ASK questions about what was just talked about, they ASK questions that are not related to the meeting, they ASK questions to see if they can ask questions at the meeting. They are the ones that usually turn a 30 minute meeting into an hour meeting!

Maze of questions

4. The Office Complainer - This is the person who will complain about things that not even associated with the meeting. They will also use this time to complain about co-workers, spouses, kids, neighbours, or anyone or thing that is bad in their life! They live for these meetings since they have a captive audience.


5. The Office Ghost - This is the person who you only see at all staff meetings. Sometimes you forget that they even work for the company because they are always on the road, work a different daypart, or never interact with co-workers outside of the meeting.

Shannon Keegan

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