Thailand is obsessed with an orphaned baby Dugong after a photo of it hugging a marine biologist went viral.

Insider on-line magazine is following the story.

Thailand is overwhelmed with affection for an orphaned baby dugong, named Mariam, which went viral after photo showed it embracing its rescuer...Since the images were released the southeast-Asian nation has gone dugong-crazy, with social media users creating cartoons of her, and Thailand's Department of Marine and Coastal Resources (DMCR) dubbing Mariam "the nation's sweetheart."

Mariam lives on a diet of milk and sea grasses, bottle fed.

In her new home, Mariam often swims close to the kayaks used by scientists to monitor her, which they say indicates that she's seeking a motherly companion.

Biggest harm to these unique looking marine life is their exposure to plastic bottles.

Here's a link on how to avoid using plastics

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