When you are in a relationship you know that sometimes things don't go your way.

Ask most people and they would say in their relationship, there is one person who does the grocery shopping and one person who only does it in a pinch.

So is this wife in New York wrong for getting mad because her husband didn't do this?

So here is the story. A husband texts his wife that he just pulled into the grocery store parking lot and is headed in to do some shopping. He asks his wife via text if she needs anything.

40 minutes go by and the husband gets ready to check out. He double-checks his phone and still no message from his wife.

He proceeds to check out and as he is heading out of the parking lot, his phone goes off. It is a text message from his wife saying she needed a couple of things.

More than 40 minutes have gone by and the husband has already checked out and driving away from the store. He texts back to his wife that sorry he is done shopping and headed home, he is not going to get the items that she wants.

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She gets upset that he won't turn around and get the items. Is she in the right or wrong for getting upset? Is 40 minutes more than enough time for someone to text back? Should the husband have gone back to the store since he was still in the parking lot?

It seems that many people fall on opposite sides of the conversation.

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