I attended Brew fest on Saturday and it was incredible!


First and foremost, the Buffalo Zoo is absolutely amazing! If you haven't gone, I urge you to head out there ASAP because you are missing out on a fantastic time. Not to mention, the elephants are leaving soon and you don't want to miss them!

You've heard of wines of the wild from The Buffalo Zoo, well they had Zoo Brew Fest for the first time and it was awesome! They had different beers and ciders and they were oh so yummy. Not only that, they had adult Jenga (I went up against my date and I won ha!) and they had connect four too.

You could roam around and see the animals and nothing was off limits. All of the animals were out and it was a wild time at The Buffalo Zoo!

The Zoo was so awesomely decorated and it really felt like fall. The cooler temperatures sort of helped too. I highly recommend this experience to anyone seeking to do something different. It was absolutely incredible.

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