The most weird and exotic animals were at The Buffalo Niagara Reptile expo at the Adam's Mark hotel on Sunday.



We had Patrick come in with his exotic pets last week. You can see the video and full story here: Video

Dave was petrified when I brought the snake near him! We had the chance to interact with a snake, a tarantula, and some weird looking lizard things.

Well, those things and more were at the expo. They had mice, rats, and even the most rarest of animals known to mankind. At Airey's reptiles they had the first ever Vanilla Powerball snake. This is the first of it's kind and she wasn't for sale. She was the sweetest and most gentle snake ever.

They were selling art work, and even apparel. They did have some food vendors come in as well. As soon as you walked in, the line was out the door. People from all over came to this show. I met people from PA, Jamestown, and even NYC. They come to shows such as this because you can find the rarest of animals and breeds.  Another Buffalo win!

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