I had the utmost pleasure to attend a live art show & demo at Pulp 716 in Tonawanda, NY. The featured artist, Oceana Montalalou.

Oceana’s Mini-series for her event at Pulp 716 is called “Kill Your Heroes.” She was inspired to create for this event, not just by the fantastically nerdy atmosphere of Pulp, but also by all the changes going on in her life and in the world as a whole right now. The concept is simple: What do you do when there’s no one around to save the day? Inevitably in all our lives, we reach a point where we have to step up and be our own heroes, whether we feel ready to take on that challenge or not. This series is meant to represent that moment.
“My hope is that it inspires the viewer to step up and out of their comfort zone. It’s really all about taking a leading role in your own life, and remembering that heroes are not born, they are made.”

Her finished canvases have been displayed In local shops and galleries in the Elmwood village, and all around Buffalo. She is currently working to offer tutorials and live streams of her process online to help empower other creatives and bring even more beauty into the world.

If you would like to support her work on Patreon, the link is :
She can also be found on facebook and Instagram as @oshiedoesart.


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