Everyone loves Hibachi and Kyoto has got it going on!


I had been asked out on a date to Kyoto. (What an awesome suggestion for a date too!) I decided to call ahead to get a reservation. (They do not take reservations) They do "call ahead." I get there Saturday about 5 minutes before my reservation and check in. They gave me a pager and told me "about a half hour wait." I decided to hit up the bar. The place was absolutely packed.

I met my date there and as soon as he came up to the bar (Right at 6!) the pager went off. "Whoot!"

They sit you down and get you started. It really is a show and great for kids of all ages. Who doesn't like a little heat? Between flames, sake, and water being splashed around it is sure to please!

The flaming onion was my favorite!

P.S. My date was even hotter! LOL.

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