Kidz Bop came to town over the weekend and it was insane!!!!




I have an interesting parenting schedule. Having joint custody is a blessing and curse at the same time. It is always difficult trying to work around schedules, etc... I gave him, his wife and Amber tickets to KidzBop. Amber really wanted to go and that was the only way she could go...



I met them there and was able to see her. Well, she was elated to see me, if that wasn't cool enough, a bunch of her dance friends were there from Eugenia's. It was absolute pandemonium!

So many kiddos dancing in the aisles and in their seats. KidzBop did such a good job performing for everyone. I enjoyed them performing for 45 minutes and then taking about a 15 minute break. This left plenty of room for bathroom, snacks, and a chance to buy merch.

Such an awesome event for kids, parents, and friends!

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