I had an absolutely amazing weekend! I graduated from college and when I went to church on Sunday, I met Chris Rombola.


Chris Rombola is a Buffalo native. You might have recognized him from WWE wrestling.

As a wrestling fan myself, I don't forget a face. It was so neat to see him in church, all dressed up, professing his faith.

Chris was a guest speaker at my church and it was so awesome to see him. His story was rather inspiring as well. He always wanted to be a wrestler and was able to have the opportunity. Once, he had the opportunity, and did it, he realized he was very ego driven. He moved back home, and opened up his own fitness facility right here in Buffalo helping people achieve their goals.

Chris Rombola owns Fithouse. You can get all of the info here: 

He finds his purpose is to a live a wholesome life with his wife and help people with their fitness goals.

Another Buffalo win!


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