The battle between Direct-TV and Tegna has hit home for many local viewers of WGRZ-TV in New York.

WGRZ-TV, channel 2 in Buffalo is owned by Tegna, who is currently in a rate dispute with Direct-TV, and due to the fight, WGRZ-TV has been pulled from the lineup for Direct TV users in New York.

WGRZ-TV is the only local TV News station that Tegna owns in New York State, and is the #2 rated News Station in the Buffalo metro. Tegna has pulled the right for Direct-TV to air the local news station until an agreement is reached.

Overall, Tegna pulled 64 stations in 51 different markets.

The two companies are at disagreement over the fee that Direct-TV pays Tegna to air Tegna-owned stations on their platform. Around 5 million views nationwide are affected by the channels being pulled from Direct-TV.

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This is not the first time TV viewers in Western New York have been in the middle of a rate dispute. Last October, Verizon users had to deal with a blackout of WIVB Channel four as the owners of those two companies battled over rates as well.

Hopefully, the dispute will be settled before the Bills take on the Chargers on December 23rd. That game is expected to air locally on WGRZ and nationwide on Peacock.

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