The Buffalo Bills made it to the divisional round of the NFL playoffs and they will play host to the Kansas City Chiefs this Sunday at Highmark Stadium.

A lot of people are talking about the game, but even more people are talking about who will be at the game. If you have followed along with Taylor Swift, you know that she is currently dating Chiefs' tight end Travis Kelce.

Since their relationship has gone public, Swift has attended many of the games that Kelce plays in. So chances are that she will be in Buffalo this weekend for the Bills/Chiefs playoff game.

So where should she sit? Well, the Buffalo Bills have the perfect seat. They usually give it to their legend of the game, but I think any former Buffalo Bill would be more than happy to give up the seat.

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How amazing would it be to see the camera pan to Swift and she can only see half the game!

If you ask me, this is the perfect seat for Swift!

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