Today is Taste of the Fair at the Erie County Fair... You can get food items for $2.00



You know what the Eric County is famous for, their animals, beer tents and food. Not just any food, but weird and wacky stuff!!!! Well if you hit up the fair today, you are in luck!

Today is officially the Taste of the Fair. What does this mean for you? You can try the weird and wacky food for only $2.00. There are exceptions! It is not EVERY stand but there is quite a list.

Headed to the fair today? Try the weird and wacky food for $2.00

Like the 1179 Steak, Cheese, Bacon, Apple at Millennium Lodge

Roasted nuts have Strawberry PB & J peanuts... OMG, just yummy!!!!

You can check out the full list right here:

What food are you going to try? Have you tried the foods on this list?

Which one is your favorite?

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