Summer is here in Buffalo and it is really important to know what toys are considered dangerous for your kiddos.



I am all about having your kids outside playing. I feel this has become a lost art. Yes, ART! A lot of kids are glued to their tablets and phones. It is so important to get them outside and socializing with the neighborhood kids, school friends, and the like. But, there are some toys that you need to be careful of.

A consumer protection group released its annual list of the most dangerous toys kids play with in summer.  And water balloon slingshots are #1.  Here are five of the most-dangerous toys you might encounter this summer:

1. Water balloon sling shots. They can cause eye injuries. They do have small pieces which could also be a choking hazard.

2. Lawn darts. (The pointed tip ones have been illegal since 1988) They still make them with weighted tips though which makes them dangerous.

3. Big wheels. The reason they are dangerous is because they are so low to the ground and some drivers can't see them. It is important to know where your kids are going with them.

4. Swimming pools. Youngin's can even drown in the baby pools with two inches of water. It can happen as quick as 30 seconds. Please watch your kids!

5. Slip n' slides... Though these can be totally fun they can cause paralysis. Kids have been known to hit into things and cause injuries. Remember this is for kids only. As adults, we weigh more which makes us slide better and faster.

Be safe out there Buffalo!

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