With the singles party coming up on Friday and the hilarious situation that happened to me on Saturday, we want to know some of the ways you get "dates."




I was at the Drive for Juvenile Diabetes on Saturday and had a date and even introduced my date as my date. Well, I like to network because I am in that business so to speak. What was really strange was in the exchange of business cards, I received a business card and on the back it stated, "Good for one dinner date."

At first, I laughed hysterically at this, as I have never received a business card that had this stated on there. After further thought, this was relatively inventive and brave. I was sort of shocked because I did bring a date with me that night and introduced him as my date. It might have been stepping over boundaries when he gave me that business card with the "date" offer.

The guy that I am seeing now seems to be very sweet, is not on Facebook and even served our country. He has been nothing but a gentleman and laughed hysterically with me when I showed him the business card. He's not the type to get "huffy and puffy," either.

So, my question is what was the most inventive way you have asked someone out on a date? Where did it lead you? Let's help the single people of Buffalo find dates!

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