As we get ready to wrap up 2022 and move into 2023, let's all make a collective New Year's resolution to stop doing this while out shopping at Wegmans.

If fact, if you could stop doing it at Wegmans, Tops, Market in the Square, or any other grocery store and department store that would be great.

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Stop leaving your cart in the middle of the aisle! Yes, how many times have you been out shopping and going down a busy aisle and you see a lone cart just sitting in the middle of the aisle with some groceries in it?

The person is picking up their soup or peanut butter or salad dressing on the shelve but decided that the world revolves around them and they just left their cart in the middle of the aisle making people move around it or push it to the side.

It is not only the left behinders (that is what I call them) that gum up the aisle. You also have the people who will stop in the middle of the aisle to check their phone or their shopping list.

You are forced to utter a snarky "excuse me" and you try to get around them. Again there is nothing wrong with checking your list or answering a text, but make sure you do it where you are not blocking the aisle.

So in 2023, let's all become better shoppers and leave to stay with our cart, and make sure we pick a side of the aisle as you do your weekly shopping.

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