The Buffalo Bills are historically known as “The Comeback Team,”’ and Stefon Diggs wants to make sure you know it. 

You may remember the game from decades ago when we were given this gracious title. It was called, “The Choke” by many football fanatics. It happened back in ‘93 when the Buffalo Bills faced off against the Houston Oilers at, what used to be, Rich Stadium.

The Bills were down by 32 points, but under coach Marv Levy, they managed to come back to tie it up, take the game into overtime, and secure the win 41-38.

Today, it is still the largest comeback in NFL history. 

I realize the coaching staff has changed since then and we have a new line up of players, but that fighting spirit from 1993 is still with Buffalo nearly 30 years later. 

And although those who falter in “bill-ief” will throw the 13 seconds into evidence, and fine, you can say that, but you cannot deny that these players always put their heart on the field.

Stefon Diggs has been in a few Snickers commercials now, and the latest one hits on this topic.

You can watch it below. 

I’d say it’s one of my favorite videos with Stefon Diggs and Snickers, but this one was a good one too. 

Don’t make a rookie mistake and stop bill-ieving. When you lead with your heart, the better days are ahead. 

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