"So this weekend is daylight savings, right?"  I actually found myself saying this out loud today at a Wegmans. Just to make sure I was right, I actually had to say it out loud! "We Spring forward, right?"

woman in bed awakening

I mean it's obvious, but every year, I say it out loud, just in case, I am wrong. A kind woman in line behind me, with some hesitation and a tilted grin, said, "yeeaah, I think so."  Let's just face it Daylight savings is sort of odd.

There is always someone that says, "yea, we lose an hours sleep, but we get more daylight now."  That sort of annoys me.  What I find fun are the businesses with the old clocks, that forget to spring their clocks forward and do so for quite some time.  you drive by the place, for weeks, and somehow feel superior.

So, if you are out at 2 a.m. on Saturday/Sunday morning, then you can actually see the magical event, otherwise just do what I do, and spring it forward before you go to sleep. Trying to fake yourself out, that you've got this thing.

One cool thing about Daylight Savings Time, this Spring is that now my car clock will finally be on the right time.  Haven't been able to figure that car clock out.  So, for the last six months, it's been off by an hour.  And what about the microwave one, that's a bit tricky.  Good luck!

BTW, if you want to sound super smart this whole daylight savings things been going on for 100 years this spring.  All springing forward, right?


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