Sponge Candy is a Western New York staple, and it’s hard to imagine that there are millions of people around the world that have never tried it and have no idea that it exists. 

In Buffalo, everyone can agree that sponge candy is an excellent treat, but if you grew up anywhere else in the world, then you probably have no idea what sponge Candy is.

Is it chewy? Does it look porous?

There are a lot of follow up questions from non-locals when they first find out about the candy’s existence.

I grew up in Indiana, and I remember my first sponge Candy like it was yesterday, so when my good friend came to visit this weekend, I had to make sure she got the sponge Candy experience so she could tell all of our friends in Indiana how great it is.

But I didn’t expect my friend to have such a negative reaction to the treat we know and love.

I mean, at least she liked the chocolate part, right? That’s a plus.

Do you ever wonder why sponge Candy is our hidden secret? Why doesn’t the rest of the world know what it is?

People have suggested that due to sponge Candy’s sensitivity to heat and humidity, it would  not be able to travel well in warm weather, meaning that it would be very difficult for a large part of the country to offer the Buffalo staple of Sponge Candy. It also requires some specific equipment to make it, which can be pricey, and you also have to consider that many candy shops will buy and sell candy that is mass-produced rather than locally developing their own.

But hey, I think I like it better having sponge Candy as our secret. ;)

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