With warm weather here and the start of Summer rapidly approaching there is growing concern about ticks in our area.

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Dr. Robert Warren tells WIVB-TV this is the time of year to watch for ticks.

“I think a lot of times we see an uptick in ticks because we get going (outside). They can handle pretty cold weather. They’re tough as little tanks. I would say right now, it’s been such a nice moist spring they’re probably doing really well,” Warren said.

The bugs can carry Lyme Disease if they burrow into your skin. They can grip onto you as you walk through heavy grass or brush.

It's advised, if walking in the woods, to wear long sleeves and long pants or if possible wear tick repellent. Spray it on all exposed area of your skin, hands first and then on your skin.

If you do find a tick embedded in your skin, it’s best to try to remove it gradually with tweezers, so the legs don’t stay in your skin. Wrap the tweezers around the tick pulling up slowly and loosening the legs and mandibles from your skin.

Even if one is in your skin for a short time it doesn’t mean you’re at a high risk for Lyme Disease, but consult your doctor if you have questions.

Dr. Gale Burstein, Erie County Health Commissioner says, “we believe that usually if you’re able to remove the tick in less than 48-72 hours because it takes the tick some time to actually transmit enough of the bacteria for people to get infected.”

Personally I have never experienced a tick until this week, and luckily I was wearing long khaki-colored pants and it was easy to distinguish.


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