Have Spectrum cable? Be prepared as their prices are going up again!


If you are a Spectrum cable customer, you might see a hike in your cable bill. It isn't anything new that the cable giant will be raising it's prices. This time, they will be targeting your TV.

The company is upgrading its digital television service. You know how you can screw in your cable line? Well, they are getting rid of that. They will be installing a converter to combat the old school cable line. The down side to this? It will cost 11.75 per TV per month.

This is more money than your Netflix, Hulu, and even Amazon per month.

This latest digital upgrade is different from the one in 2009, when the Federal Communications Commission ordered all television signals in the United States be transmitted digitally. This conversion is specific to Spectrum, which said the digital upgrade will improve service and free up space on its network. It involves encrypting the cable signal, so that it can't be read without the digital converter.


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