This is the time of year for delicious soup.  There's nothing better on a cold winter day.  And this weekend, they're going to have a ton of it in Williamsville.

You can help out Feedmore WNY this Saturday and fill your belly with tons of nice warm soup at Williamsville's annual Soup Stroll.

It's a pretty simple idea - you pay $1 for a sample size of the soups you want to try.  Each restaurant has their own special soup variety and the proceeds go to help out our local food bank, Feedmore WNY.

The stroll includes restaurants scattered up and down Main Street.  There is no start point or end point.  You start where you want and end when you're done.

Here's the best part...there are over 20 restaurants that will have samples for you to try.

Here's the list of participating restaurants:

1. Brookdale (6076 Main Street) Seafood Chowder
2. Amy’s Fine Jewelry (5870 Main Street) Lobster Bisque by Glen Park Tavern
3. Meeting House (5658 Main Street) – Leek and Sweet Potato Soup
4. Creekview – (5629 Main Street) Southwest Chicken & Cheddar
5. Applied Fitness (5651 Main Street) Veggie Burger Stew
6. Britesmith Brewery- (5611 Main Street) Beer Cheddar Soup with Broccoli and Bacon
7. Village Artisans (5560 Main Street) - TBD
8. The Eagle House - (5578 Main Street) Italian Wedding AND Maple Butternut squash
9. Calvary Episcopal Church @ The Eagle House (5578 Main Street) – Divine Potato Parm
10.Share Kitchen & Bar –(5590 Main Street) – New York Tortilla
11.Rove (5596 Main Street) – Asparagus Soup
12.The Irishman Pub and Eatery – (5601 Main Street) Mushroom Bisque AND Banana Pepper
13.Lime House @ The Irishman (5601 Main Street) Dumpling Miso Ramen
14.YogaSix Studio @ The Irishman (5601 Main Street) Nama Stew
15.Golden Parachute Catering @ Blums (5501 Main Street) Chicken Pelmeni
16.Glen Park Tavern -(5507 Main Street) Stage Coach Soup (Creamy Chicken with artichokes and red peppers)
17.Moses Insurance (5475 Main Street) Creamy Tomato Tortellini
18.D’Avoilio (5409 Main Street) Louisiana Gumbo
19.Cheesy Chick (5385 Main Street)-Tomato Soup with grilled cheese croutons AND White Chili (vegan/Gluten Free)
20.Newbury Salads - (5429 Main Street) 3 types of chili (Vegan, Chicken and Spicy Chicken) AND Spicy Veggie and Lentil Soup.
21.California Closets (5350 Main Street) –California Cauliflower Soup
22.Elderwood Village (5271 Main Street) Cheese Burger Soup
You can even vote on your favorite to determine who has the best!
Check out more here on their facebook page!

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