Today’s TMSG is a short story that caught my eye and my heart.

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My daughter Justine and I are very close.  She was very shy when she was little and I can remember her asking me to do things together with her because I was off at work all day…unfortunately many times since I was getting up at 3:45am those together times ended up sitting on the couch with Dad snoozing while Justine snuggled and played.

Photo Credit: Joe Chille
Photo Credit: Joe Chille

Sometimes stories or images trigger memories...some pleasant, some melancholy...but Christmastime is the season for memories...

With that in mind here is a story about a Dad whose daughter wanted her fingernails painted before going off to the park and Dad dutifully obliged…the dialogue between father and daughter is priceless.

Unfortunately, there is no word on how the nails turned out, but this Dad gets an atta-boy for the attempt, and gets a thank you from me, and hopefully, you, for bringing back GREAT MEMORIES…

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