The University at Buffalo has added some driver-less vehicles to their research lot.

Hon fai Ng

So, would you actually ride in one one of these? Well, either way, it looks like we might have to wait.

Channel Four with the story,

On the outside it looks like a typical car, but this Lincoln MKZ is equipped with several cameras, 2 front radars and what’s called a lydar system on the roof which gives passengers inside a 360 view.But if you think you’ll see this self-driving car on city streets any time soon, think again because this is for research.

It seems there are several organizations that have partnered with UB to build this Lincoln self-driving technology.  "The $250,000 car was made possible through several donations including one from Monro Muffler Brake and West Herr Auto Group."

The car is what’s called ‘drive by wire’, which means it can be controlled by a computer. But it is self-contained so the computer is in the trunk.

Chunming Qiao, SUNY distinguished professor & chair of the Computer Science and Engineering Department at UB, oversees the research.


“One of the biggest concerns is how safe these autonomous vehicles are. There’s currently no national standard on the safety and there’s no methodologies to evaluate and certify the safety,” said Qiao.

Adds Qiao,

“Only a few universities across the country have this capability so we are very proud,” said Qiao."

After driving my daughter to Chicago this past weekend, must admit the idea seems sound, but to actually do it.  Hmmm?

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