For the last three years, my neighbor has had his Christmas tree on the curb by December 26th.

Portrait of happy stylish woman holding champagne glass at Christmas party
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Well, it seems he wasn't alone.   Here are the rankings from our 96.1 Facebook question:

1)  December 26th

2) After the Epiphany, January 6th

3) January 7

4) The first weekend after Christmas

5) New Year's day

My favorite was from Duaine Culpepper "We let the cat decide"  :-)

Here is some info from Buffalo News about city pick-up,

The City of Buffalo will pick up old Christmas trees — the real ones — starting Jan. 8 through 19. The city's Public Works department will pick them up separately so don't worry if they're not picked up at the same time as your garbage and regular recycling.

Don't forget to remove all the goodies--I saw a tree on the curb this morning and it still had the star on top!  :-(

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