Buffalo is a city with a load of history, Presidents, events, and landmarks.  One of Buffalo's historical sites due for remodeling is the old Art Deco designed Buffalo Terminal.

So, my daughter, Joelle and I took the time to check it out yesterday.  It's definitely a ghost town of sorts now, but you can sense the faded glory.


So, what is the latest?  Here is what I found on the Buffalo Terminal History & Preservation site.

Built to handle over 200 trains and 10,000 passengers daily, as well as 1,500 New York Central employees. It included shops, a restaurant, soda fountain, parking garage and all other services required for daily passenger operations. Although the Central Terminal had the misfortune to open mere months before the onset of the Great Depression, the building was extremely busy during its first two decades of operation, with no period busier than during World War II.

The site further adds that the terminals decline began slowly after WW 2, with the last passengers riding in 1979.

Hopes of restoration were still being discussed a few years back.  If you hear of anything let me know.  One thing that I cherish about Buffalo, as a newbie (3 years now) are the remarkable buildings.


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