Hi, it's Craig Matthews, sharing the story behind Computers for Children. Many have heard the name, but perhaps you didn't know exactly what they do. I'm also excited to tell you about a wonderful fundraiser at Statler City this coming Thursday evening that I am proud to again emcee.

First, let's start with their mission statement as taken right from their website:

Computers For Children's mission is to enhance the learning opportunities for schoolchildren by providing them current computers and training in information technology.

CFC povides access to technology and provides training in information technologies, software applications, robotics, digital training.

Computers For Children finds new life for donated computers by performing upgrades and placing them in schools, increasing students' access to current technology.

Founded in 1997, Computers for Children is the first nonprofit organization in Western New York dedicated to providing advanced learning opportunities to children.

By facilitating computer donations, Computers For Children helps corporations relieve themselves of equipment that has exhausted its initial corporate value but can still provide students with enriched learning opportunities.

Once Computers For Children receives computers, the organization raises money to refurbish the computers to a Pentium level, enabling students to run current learning software and access the Internet. The average new computer costs $1200 -- a difficult hurdle for financially challenged schools. Computers for Children can provide a comparable refurbished computer for less than $500.

By improving the computer-to-student ratio, Computers For Children prepares students for higher education and career opportunities. These improvements will not only benefit members of the Western New York Community, they will enhance the reputation of Western New York as a locale of progress and excellence.

Any K-12 school in Western New York is eligible to apply for free computer equipment. Computer donations are awarded to schools on the basis of need, intended use and infrastructure. The application can be found at www.computersforchildren.com.

Computer for Children also sells up to 25% of its used and refurbished computers. By doing so, Computers For Children will be known as a resource for moderately priced refurbished equipment. This allows other nonprofits and disadvantaged families the opportunity to stretch their resources.

Now as far as the BIG event this week, here are the details. I hope you can make it, as it's always a great night for a super cause.


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