Hawk Creek in West Falls is offering people a chance to get a little revenge on their ex's this Valentine's day while raising money for their cause.

Valentine's Day isn't a great holiday for everyone.  If you are one of the many people who have had your heart broken recently it could be an absolutely miserable day.  The last thing you want to do is look around at every cute little couple that is still in love.

But Hawk Creek is offering to give you some closure, and a little bit of revenge with their upcoming fundraiser.

If you've never been there, Hawk Creek is a local wildlife conservation center in West Falls whose educational reach is nationwide and their award-winning conservation efforts are recognized globally.  According to their website:

"We thrive to give thousands of animals a second chance, care for over 100 permanent residents, and reach audiences in the thousands per year with our exciting educational programming."

This year, they're hoping to raise some money by feeding their animals and giving people a feeling of calming satisfaction.

For just $5.00 you can name a mealworm after the ex that did you wrong and know that it was fed to one of their animals.  100% of the proceeds from the mealworm fundraiser will go directly to Hawk Creek’s animals!

Click here to name your mealworm!

The best part is...it doesn't even have to be an ex.  You can name the mealworm after anybody that has done you wrong.  Maybe it's the co-worker who microwaves fish, the football player who let you down, or the mother in law that knows her son could have done better than you.  You can name it after anyone and it will help out the center.

Now, if you aren't on bad terms with someone and you'd still like to make a donation, they've got other Valentine's gifts that your date will love.


1963 Mill Road, West Falls, NY 14170

Phone: 716-652-8646


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