Thanksgiving is a day to hopefully gather with family and friends, and ideally we'll all get there safely.  So will Buffalo travelers have a snow-free commute.

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The highest temperature recorded on Thanksgiving is 68F degrees on November 26th 1896...the lowest the mercury has fallen to on Thanksgiving is 9F on November 22nd 2018.

As far as the snow records?

The greatest amount of snow on Thanksgiving occurred November 27th, 1952 when 10.3 inches of snow was recorded at the Buffalo airport. Most portions of the city of Buffalo received between 6 and 10 inches of snow.


The forecast for this week looks rough. The Midwest will get pounded, but it should be more mild here with the WIVB forecast predicting Thanksgiving day to reach a 35 degrees with only 20% of precipitation.

However, we all know how quickly things can change in Buffalo...

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