If you're not too concerned about your microwave keeping tabs on you, Levi's and Google have a jean jacket for you!

The "Commuter Trucker Jacket" was designed for bicyclists, but obviously anyone could wear it.  It allows the wearer to change a song or get directions with a swipe or a tap on the sleeve.

The technology is woven into "conductive yarns" and registers your touch like a screen.  There's a little tag on the cuff, that wirelessly connects to your mobile device.

You can wash it like a regular jacket, you just need to remove that little tag first (how many people are gonna forget to do this, and turn the $350 "smart jacket" into a regular $8 denim miracle).

As of now, the coat can "only" control music and map updates, but both companies hope to eventually add more features.

See it in action here...

While we're in the "Canadian tuxedo" vein, want some snappy jeans to go along with your smart-looking smart jacket?

Nordstrom is selling what I believe to be the UGLIEST pair of jeans ever to cross the manufacturing floor.  For just $95, you can have windows...to your knees.

Hard pass.



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