That's right! Ringo Starr was Knighted. Can you believe it? Knighted!


"We all live in a yellow submarine, yellow submarine, yellow submarine" (I bet your singing the song) Ringo Starr who was known as being the drummer in The Beatles was Knighted in Britain yesterday at Buckingham Palace. And he told the BBC, quote,

"It means a lot actually.  It means recognition for the things we've done . . . I was really pleased to accept this."

Ringo told BBC that he was a little more nervous about getting the award by himself. Even though, the  Beatles received their MBEs as a group in 1965.  When asked what he'd do with the medal, he said, quote, "I'll be wearing it at breakfast." Now, on your coffee break at work, or anytime you are referencing Ringo, make sure you call him Sir Ringo Starr. What an honor!

Now if only the Beatles can come out with a new song or two or go out on tour, I believe the people of Buffalo would be honored as well!

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