The kids are at home, so let's have some fun in the kitchen.  I put out a few recipes earlier this week, so thought going into the weekend we could go wild with 8 ideas!


Below are a great mix from the very sweet to some more nutrient dense foods.  Here is the order:

1) First you'll see a truly inventive Pizza Cookie.

2)  Cheesy Taco Bread Sticks are so simple.

3)  The colors of the Aquarium Cookies are sublime.

4)  Animal Pancakes will be perfect for this weekend.

5)  Hidden Veggie Mac and Cheese is totally yummy!

6)  Chocolate Fondue Bread Boats are such fun

7)  Super Soft Banana Bread Cookie are tasty and full of fiber.

8)  Unicorn Cheese Cake the perfect dessert to surprise.



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