f you have a teen planning to head to college they will most likely take the SAT and or the  ACT.

However, with all of the news about bribery and test fraud in the news of late.  Should they have to?


Our own WGRZ news jumped into the story,

But the scheme in which wealthy parents allegedly bribed their children's way into top schools also has highlighted deeper concerns about the fairness of using SAT and ACT tests — focal points of a billion-dollar consulting industry and gatekeepers for a U.S. admissions system already seen as favoring wealth and privilege.

Adding that,

The most brazen abuses of standardized testing in the college bribery scandal could be chalked up to security lapses: the ringer hired to take the SAT, the proctors paid to look the other way, the accommodations for extra time obtained through false diagnoses of disabilities.

Here is the latest from CNN.






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