You may want to enjoy the water on Saturday this weekend, because the 30th anniversary of Shark Week kicks off on Sunday!

The annual Shark Week takeover on Discovery Channel kicks off this Sunday (7/22) and will go 8 shark-filled days!

This year will feature shows like "Bloodline: The Spawn of Jaws" and "Shark Week's 50 Best Bites".

Shark Week offically kicks off on Sunday ay 7pm with "Alien Sharks Greatest Hits."

Check out the full schedule (Subject to change)

8 p.m. Bear vs. Shark

9 p.m. Shaq Does Shark Week

10 p.m. Ronda Rousey Uncaged

11 p.m. Shark After Dark Live

Monday, July 23

8 p.m. Monster Tag

9 p.m. Great White Abyss

10 p.m. Cuba's Secret Shark Lair

11 p.m. Shark After Dark Live

Tuesday, July 24

8 p.m. Guy Fieri's Feeding Frenzy

9 p.m. Laws of Jaws

10 p.m. Air Jaws: The Hunted

11 p.m. Shark After Dark Live

Wednesday, July 25

8 p.m. Air Jaws: Back From the Dead

9 p.m. Shark Tank Meets Shark Week

10 p.m. Sharkcam Stakeout

11 p.m. Shark After Dark Live

Thursday, July 26

8 p.m. Sharkcam Strikes Back

9 p.m. Sharkwrecked

10 p.m. Tiger Shark Invasion

11 p.m. Shark After Dark Live

Friday, July 27

7 p.m. Cash Cab "Shark Week Edition"

8 p.m. Megalodon: Fact vs. Fiction

9 p.m. Bloodline: Spawn of Jaws

10 p.m. Great White Shark Babies

Saturday, July 28

9 p.m. Return of the Mega Shark

10 p.m. Sharks Gone Wild

Sunday, July 29

9 p.m. Naked and Afraid of Sharks


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