One of the great joys of being in the Buffalo area after a long winter, is the smell and beauty of fresh cut flowers.

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Well, there is actually a farm in Springfield that a lot of folks don't know about.  Why so special?  Because at this farm, they encourage people to come by and pick there own fresh cut arrangements, for an amazingly low price.

Out today is a lovely story about the farm from Buffalo Rising

This incredibly cute pick-your-own flower farm in Springville is making dreams come true. The Flower Stand, as it’s so adorably named, will give you all the fresh air/nature vibes and is the *perfect* little day trip to take with just about anyone including but not limited to your mom, gram, BFFs, bae, self, dog-son, and so on.

The Flower Stand is open through the first frost of October.  Here is how it works.

When you get to The Flower Stand, you’ll start off by grabbing a pair of sheers provided for you at the front of the stand. Then you’re greeted by a wonderland of rows and rows of flowers and instantly struck with the beauty, colors, and scents of spring and summer. After that, go wild. Get creative and make your fresh flower dreams come true. You can cut as many or as few as you want. #goham In our experience, the pricing works as follows: two flower stems for $1, while the bigger flowers like the sunflowers are about $1 to $2 individually.

Great prices, and a sweet day trip, plus we all deserve a lovely flower display, right?


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