The former Governor of California is suing the Big Oil Companies!


The Terminator is hoping that by threatening this law suit that it will shed some light on alternative fuel options. According to Politco, Schwarzenegger has become quite the activist lately.  In a statement he said that the Oil companies are: "Knowingly killing people all over the world.

He says, quote, "This is no different from the smoking issue.  "The tobacco industry knew for years and years and years and decades, that smoking would kill people, would harm people and create cancer, and were hiding that fact from the people and denied it. The oil companies knew from 1959 on, they did their own study that there would be global warming happening because of fossil fuels, and on top of it that it would be risky for people's lives, that it would kill."

He added, quote, "I don't think there's any difference:  If you walk into a room and you know you're going to kill someone, it's first degree murder;  I think it's the same thing with the oil companies."

This is only the beginning of a long term battle and I wouldn't doubt that Arnold will be back...

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