Numerous schools that are already short of snow days, were forced to close yesterday giving kids a extra day to what had been Winter Break, and giving school administrators a headache.

Schools are required to be open a certain number of days each year to get state aid. WKBW-TV reported that The State Education Department late Sunday said districts that have exhausted all the days in their bank will be granted a waiver.  Many school districts depleted their snow days during this years Blizzard.

In a statement Governor Cuomo said...

"In the face of high winds that threaten to disrupt traffic signals and cause power outages, the Amherst Central School District has decided to close schools on Monday. My administration has been in contact with the New York State Education Department and it has confirmed that the day will not be held against the school district or other districts requiring waivers due to insufficient available school days. There is no higher priority than the safety of our students, and I commend New Yorkers for their vigilance during this severe weather."



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