As we get ready to head into the long Labor Day weekend you might notice your drive to and from work is a bit slower than it has been all summer long.

Most schools across New York State will be back in session right after Labor Day and that means teachers, administrators, and bus drivers are getting ready to return to work.

And just like your favorite NFL team, right now is the pre-season for School Bus Drivers and many are on the streets already prepping for the new school year. And of course, that means that you will be going a bit slower heading into and out of work.

Most of us had no problems cruising to work this summer, but now that school buses are back on the roads doing their test runs, you can expect to add a couple more minutes to your daily commute.

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My wife Elizabeth was caught in our neighborhood yesterday behind a school bus that was on a pre-school run. While the bus wasn't picking up any kids, it did make stops at all the bus stops on their route and pretended to load and unload kids.

Now all summer long my wife had her daily routine and left the house at the same time, Yesterday she ended up being a couple of minutes late because of the school bus.

So this is a heads up, School buses are already out and about and you might want to make sure that you give yourself some extra time heading into work.

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